About the Company

millaminis s.r.o. was established in 2012 by a successful Czech toy designer Miloš Hába. Having gained extensive experience while working in the toy-making industry both at home and abroad, he took the decision to develop and introduce into the market his own product that would bear his idea and also his name. It was a long and painful road to go from conceiving the idea to making it happen, though. At the end of that road there are a new Czech toys for the youngest children which not just fulfils all the ideas of the company´s team but is also bringing to the toy market an original products that are currently facing no direct competition.

Our company produces their toys of specially conditioned sponge-like foam which are certified for children as young as babies. The foam chemical formula represents the result of work lasting more than two years of a team of experts in chemistry, health protection and specialists in design and development of toys. This effort is going to be completed shortly by having the resulting material patented. The aforesaid specially formulated material is manufactured in the EU countries, but the semi-product, including the production of supportive materials, is processed exclusively in the Czech Republic. The toys are completed in sheltered workshops - a millaminis s.r.o. way of helping our disabled fellow citizens.

millaminis toys comply with all the requirements set down by the strictest standards both for the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe. They are the certificates according to the ČSN EN 71-1:2012, ČSN EN 71-2:2012, EN 71-3:2013 and ČSN EN 71-9:2016 standards. Products are, furthermore, tested for the content of phtalates (phtalates are used as plasticizers) and formamides (the substance that is used as a plasticizer and solvent) where in both the cases the millaminis products comply with all the standards that allow the product certification from newborns. The company has also acquired a prestigious certification emblem of “Safe toy“ in 2016 which is awarded by The Institute for Testing and Certification in Zlín, the Czech republic.

The individual parts of millaminis toys are cut out with a special pneumatic oscillation knife which is a powerful tool for cutting the soft and harder materials used in many industries. Lasting color printmaking by UV digital technology is entirely safe and harmless and does not produce any substances harmful to human health, is friendly to the environment and meets the necessary hygienic and safety parameters needed to certify the product for use by newborns.

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