What Differentiates Us?

Millaminis produces original Czech toys for the youngest children. The concept of our toys had been concieved in Miloš Hába´s mind years ago. Based on his experience of many years with the world of toymaking industry, he tried to discover a products that were missing on the market. The products were required to meet three important criteria. It was supposed to be oriented towards young children, have the form of a puzzle toys and offer a range of interesting conceptual settings.

millaminis products are manufactured so that its individual components can be interconnected and continuously replenished. Our toys also includes plenty of educative elements which help the babies to recognize various animals, colours, shapes, traffic signs or proffesions. Furthermore the kids improve their fine motoric.

The Millaminis toys excels in having a combination of several benefits and features which were rather difficult to combine in practice, though. The products are:

  • safe - soft, elastic and safe material 
  • entertaining
  • educative and didactic – grows with the child and develops their fine motor skills
  • interactive and compatible
  • suitable for both the dry and wet environments

The role of toys in the children´s world is irreplaceable. Through playing children begin learning about and understanding the world around them. It is these simple toys such as puzzle toys expanding children´s creativity, thinking and fine motor skills that are of the essence. The new millaminis toys are an original Czech toys which are suitable for girl and boys alike. It has much to offer: entertainment, education and, at the same time, various conceptual settings. Both the elements and the themes of the toys are universal and will comfort and entertain everybody the same.

The youngest children could start with our My First Toys which offer them safe and entertaining playing in the first months of their live and at the same time the babies could commence to recognize various animals, colour or shapes. Being older the kids could continue to play with our puzzle toys thanks to which, children are able to realize shapes, sizes, colors as well as the way individual elements are interconnected. Playing develops the fine motor skills and coordination of their hands and also brings other educational aspects such as recognition of traffic signs of various proffesions. 

The millaminis toys are safe, soft and elastic. Another advantage feature is its resistance to water so that children can fearlessly continue playing in the bath-tub, for instance. They will not be the only ones to appreciate the fact that the individual elements of our toys are easily seizable and free from sharp edges.

Creative toys which keep on offering new possibilities, environments and stories accompany children from the early age and grow along with them. Children even develop a sort of emotional bonding with them. However, there will be times when children start seeking different kinds of play. millaminis s.r.o. is ready for such development and will come up with a new utilization of their favorite toy. For children aged from four we are preparing a special application for mobile phones and tablets which will make it possible for them to transfer their favourite millaminis toys to the virtual form and carry on playing. This special didactic line of virtual games should be introduced into the market in the coming years, though.

The multi-purpose millaminis toys have something to offer both to girls and boys. Thanks to the simple conceptual settings that the individual lines offer, children will become watchful train conductors, extinquish fires or start their own cities. Step by step, they can add roads and traffic signs into the play, for they are essential for them to depict the situation in its completeness.

Manufacture and the materials used …

millaminis produces the toys of specially conditioned sponge-line foam which is certified for children as young as newborn. Its chemical formula is the result of two-year work of the team of experts on chemistry, health protection and specialists in the design and development of toys. These efforts are shortly going to be crowned by having the resulting material patented. This specially formulated material is manufactured in the EU countries, yet the semi-product, including some of the supportive materials, is processed exclusively in the Czech Republic. The toys are completed in sheltered workshops which is millaminis s.r.o. way of helping our disabled fellow citizens.

The individual parts of millaminis toys are cut out with a special pneumatic oscillation knife which is a powerful tool for cutting the soft and harder materials used in many industries. Lasting color printmaking by UV digital technology is entirely safe and harmless and does not produce any substances harmful to human health, is friendly to the environment and meets the necessary hygienic and safety parameters needed to certify the product for use by newborns.

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